Cardinal Ballet Company (CBC) is an enthusiastic group of classically-trained dancers who love to perform. Founded in 1993 by Julia Ball-Dugan and Jennifer Mott and formerly known as Stanford Ballet, the group is Stanford University’s first ballet company. CBC is committed to enhancing the Stanford community by encouraging students to participate in or attend dance performances.


We're so excited for our 2016-2017 leadership team!

Director: Jessica Tam

Artistic Directors: Madelaine Graber, Jackson Jirard

Performance Coordinator: Jessica Fry

Marketing Coordinators: Michelle Lam, Rebecca Wong

Outreach Coordinator: Cora Cliburn

Social Chair: Nathan Pan-Doh

Financial Officer: Grace Kasten

Media Coordinator: Emma Dauterman

Costume Coordinator: Alli Armstrong

We love ProFros!

We're so excited to welcome the class of 2020 and other ballet dancers on campus! We'd love to answer any questions you have about Cardinal Ballet Company and continuing ballet at Stanford (send us an email or stop by our booth during the activities fair!). Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, some having been trained in small schools and others having danced in professional companies. Members are encouraged to take the Advanced Ballet class through Stanford's Dance Department. We put on two shows a year, Nutcracker in the Fall and Cardinal Dance Fusion in the Spring, and organize pointe and pas de deux workshops in the Spring after our last shows. We've danced at a variety of other venues, including Dance Marathon and Viennese Ball. Check back later for information about auditions in the fall.


Jessica Tam

Chemical Engineering, 2017

Jackson Jirard

Artistic Director
Philosophy, 2017

Madelaine Graber

Artistic Director
Psychology, 2018

Jessica Fry

Performance Coordinator
Undeclared, 2019

Emma Dauterman

Media Coordinator
Computer Science, 2018

Michelle Lam

Marketing Coordinator
Computer Science, 2018

Cora Cliburn

Outreach Coordinator
Undeclared, 2019

Alli Armstrong

Costume Coordinator
Undeclared, 2019

Grace Kasten

Financial Coordinator
Undeclared, 2019

Nathan Pan-Doh

Social Coordinator
Undeclared, 2019

Rebecca Wong

Media Coordinator
Undeclared, 2019

Stephanie Hsiang

Human Biology,

Liana Yates

Biology, 2016

Tessa Eckley

Biology, 2017

Michelle Ramseier

Chemical Engineering, 2017

Janet An

Computer Science, 2016

Helen Thomaides

English, 2017

Amy Chen

Biology, 2016

Andrew Beckman

Symbolic Systems, 2017

Michelle Lu

Undeclared, 2019

Dru Brenner

Human Biology, 2017

Nicole Wein

Computer Science, PhD Student

Bernardo Ramos

Finance, PhD Student


View some videos from Cardinal Dance Fusion 2016!

Looking for more? See our Youtube channel here


View some photos from our past performances!

Performance photographs courtesy of Alvaro Ponce, Nick Salazar, and Frank Chen. Rehearsal and social event photographs courtesy of Stephanie Hsiang and Emma Dauterman.

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